How To Grow a Franchise with Social Media

Customer: Pizza Restaurant
Industry: Food & Drink
The Challenge: Moving beyond page likes and creating awareness to promote customer franchising.
The Solution: Create ads to drive people to the franchising page of their website.
The Results: Initial ads generated 1,088 likes in 2 months, which allowed us to employ new tactics of promotions.

When we began working with this family owned pizza shop, they were already relatively well established in their local region. However, after we spoke to them, it became apparent that they wanted to expand their region to a more statewide audience. In order to do this, we began running our standard ads for likes campaign on their behalf. We focused primarily on targeting demographics outside of their immediate region in order to generate buzz for the company statewide. As you can imagine, selling a quality pizza to the public was a task that basically completed itself! Our content focused not only on the quality of cuisine offered, but also about the family aspect of the business. The latter content helped lay the groundwork for what would become our new strategy later on. As a result of our ads for likes, the restaurants page received over 1,000 new likes in the span of only two months. It was clear that we were successful in beginning a social media community that was engaged with the restaurant.

grow a franchise with social mediaFollowing the massive growth of the page, we reconnected with our client to discuss some next steps. After a very productive conversation with them about their goals, we decided to promote a different part of their business — franchising. They felt that the “LIKES” that we were able to garner them was a solid enough foundation to begin reaching out to their audience and try to attract potential franchisees. Our hope was that the previous content written about the benefits of working within the family would be an attractive lure for those interested in opening their own restaurant. In addition to promoting the franchising opportunities through their regular social media posts, we also decided to create a new set of ads specifically designed for page clicks.

The new ads for clicks campaign that was created for the pizza shop was designed to direct people the section of the shop’s website, which informed them how they could partner with the family. While the campaign is relatively new, we have already started to see some great results. Within the span of a single week, the new ads have already generated 25 new clicks to the website’s franchising page. We are hopeful that some of these clicks will be converted into new business. As the ads continue to run, we expect that many more clicks to the site will occur, further expanding the shop’s brand in their region.

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