How we got a jewelry store website clicks from social media

Customer: Online jewelry retailer
Industry: Fashion
The challenge: How to drive more website clicks from social media
The solution: Facebook ads optimized for clicks to the customers website
The results: About 100 website clicks

Thousands of fans? Check. Engagement? Check. Now what? We had now completed the first 2 steps of the strategy but how to get to their ultimate goal? Up until now, we had been running ads to get more “likes” which was extremely successful. Starting at just 125 fans, we were able to grow their community to 3500 fans! Those fans then started engaging with the content we were posting but weren’t exactly going to look at their products. We knew it was time to change things up.

clicks from social mediaAt first we ran a coupon campaign with the idea that fans would use that to purchase their jewelry. We paid to promote the post about the coupon to increase the reach of the post, which was extremely effective! There were dozens of coupon downloads but only a few followed through with the coupon. It still wasn’t attracting enough traffic to their page. That’s when we started running Clicks to Website ads.

Using the target audience that has worked for the “like” ads, which the client had provided, we setup ads that hinted at the beautiful, customized jewelry available at The Sterling Link. Within less than a month, there were 96 clicks to their website! On to the next goal!