How To Make a Product go Viral

Customer: A flatulence-remediation product
Industry: Health and Wellbeing
The Challenge: Spread awareness about his new product
The Solution: Promote marketing video about product
The Result: More than 50 shares of the video and 463 post engagements

Ever need to cut the cheese? Let it free? Even worse, had to do it at the office? Don’t be embarrassed, everyone has. With our client’s product, no one has to know! But we needed people to know about the product.

The client had just finished producing a comical marketing video to spread the word about his new product. Not only was the video informative, but it was entertaining to watch. With great content, next we had to come up with an engaging and entertaining post that people will actually read and figure out how to make a product go viral. Anyone can pay to promote a video but it is essential to have text with the video that encourages people to click on it without actually saying “click on this!”

With an extended ad budget, we applied a majority of the budget in 1 day to get it started. Now, who to target? He had a very broad target audience so it was important to narrow it down. With too broad of an audience, the post can get caught up and not viewed as often. We targeted people who work in medium and corporate offices, entry level and above. If we had targeted people who worked in small businesses, they may not encounter the crowded and busy atmosphere that those who work in larger offices have.

At the end of the day, the post had over 50 shares and over 400 post engagements. A lot more people now know flatulence can be kept on the DL in their office!