Success Stories

How we got a Pilates studio over 1,000 “Likes” in 3 months…

Customer: Pilates studio
Industry: Sports & Fitness
The challenge: Increase fan base (“likes”) on Facebook
The solution: Run Facebook ads optimized for page likes
The results: Gaining 1,200 likes in just 3 months!

Social Media Communications

Customer: Communications company
Industry: Marketing & HR
The Challenge: Awareness for new program
The Solutions: Social campaigns and program success stories.
The Results: Successful launch of new program with multiple sign ups

Grow likes with a giveaway campaign

Customer: Regional Adventure Vacation Resort Company
Industry: Sports & Fitness
The challenge: Growing likes for a Facebook page which already has thousands
The solution: Giveaway campaign
The results: 332 new Facebook likes

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How to make a product go viral

Customer: A flatulence-remediation product
Industry: Health and Wellbeing
The Challenge: Spread awareness about his new product
The Solution: Promote marketing video about product
The Result: More than 50 shares of the video and 463 post engagements

How social media for mortgage companies can drive real ROI

Customer: Mortgage Company
Industry: Real Estate
The challenge: Getting potential clientele excited & wanting to know more about what they do
The solution: Ads & content to highlight their value
The Results: Gained over 300 Likes on FB, showing ads to nearly 6,000 people, and proof we’ve brought them business.

How to grow a franchise with social media

Customer: Pizza Restaurant
Industry: Food & Drink
The Challenge: Moving beyond page likes and creating awareness to promote customer franchising.
The Solution: Create ads to drive people to the franchising page of their website.
The Results: Initial ads generated 1,088 likes in 2 months, which allowed us to employ new tactics of promotions.

How we got a jewelry store website clicks from social media

Customer: Online jewelry retailer
Industry: Fashion
The challenge: How to drive more website clicks from social media
The solution: Facebook ads optimized for clicks to the customers website
The results: About 100 website clicks

Social media for real estate websites

Industry: Real Estate
The challenge: Driving people to two separate websites
The solution: Switch from Facebook Ads for Likes to Ads for Website Clicks
The results: Showing ads to over 4,000 people at less than $1 per click

How we promote events with social media

Customer: Wedding conventions
Industry: Events & Entertainment
The challenge: Maintaining year round relevance while only hosting a finite number of events per year.
The solution: Post entertaining content to engage followers between hosted events
The results: . . .